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Student members outing to hear NZSO play the Planets

Due to weather conditions in Wellington today, the NZSO have had to cancel this concert.  

Yet another reason to join NZDRS if you are not already a member!
WHAT: New Zealand Symphony Orchestra plays the Planets by Holst
WHEN: 7pm Friday 21 June
WHERE: Auckland Town Hall
WHO: Student members of NZDRS. 
COST: $10.00
HOW: Email us by Friday 14 June if you would like to come along. Carpool with friends or catch the bus into town.

An NZDRS teacher will meet you beforehand and take you back stage at the end of the concert to meet NZSO's Mike Austin and to see the rare bass oboe he plays in this piece. Find out more about the big cousin of the cor anglais here:

The English composer Gustav Holst looked to the skies for inspiration, and one of his best-known works, The Planets, reflects his deep interest in both astrology and astronomy. This is an awesome piece if you have never been to the orchestra before or don't attend often.  It is colourful, fun, and each movement is short and evocative of a specific theme.

Here's a clip of the raw brutality of Mars, The Bringer of War
and the jolly, fun Jupiter
Look forward to seeing you there,