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Masterclass with Celia Craig

On Friday 30 October Christchurch double reed-players were very fortunate to have the opportunity to take part in a masterclass with oboist Celia Craig. Celia was in Christchurch to perform the Messiaen Concert รก quatre with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra and she kindly gave her time to share her expertise and knowledge with us. There was a good attendance with a few non-double reed supporters as well- who says string players can’t learn from wind players! The main themes of the masterclass were breathing, internal rhythm and harmonic rhythm. Celia explained how good breathing helps to release tension and taking a breath in time with the music can help create internal rhythm, making it an integral part of the musical performance. She suggested to all the players to be aware of the harmonic and rhythmic structure of the music and the importance of communicating this to the audience. Many thanks to the NZDRS, Murray and Ngaire Lennox of Rosslyn-Keynote Music and Selena