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Coming to New Zealand Double Reed Day 2011? Click here to request to join the New Zealand Double Reed Society Facebook group!  You can post your own concert and double reed news.

at NZDRS Day: the Oboe Reed Classes

OBOE REED CLASSES As part of the NZDRS Day, there will be the opportunity to learn more about oboe reeds. There will be two classes: REED ADJUSTING and REED MAKING: SCRAPES. Rosslyn-Keynote Music Ltd, one of our sponsors for the event, are offering great deals for reed tools (see below). When registering, let us know which class you would like to attend and which tools you would like to order. REED ADJUSTING This class is suitable for all oboists. You will learn how to get the best from your reed, including how to check whether it is actually the reed that is misfunctioning rather than the instrument or something you are doing! You will learn simple scraping techniques, problem diagnosis and about sourcing and looking after your reed. You will need:  a reed scraping knife *, a plastic plaque,  a soft pencil, small ruler, old reeds to practice on. * a Stanley knife with a retractable NEW blade can also be used but is more difficult to handle, Craft knives are not suit

New Zealand Double Reed Day 2011 sponsors

Double Reed Day is almost here!  Our sponsors really make big events like this possible.  This year, sponsors made sure we were able to book the St. Cuthbert's recital hall as well as the music school, so the ending recital and big band will be in a better hall this year.  They have made sure that there will be an accompanist for the advanced masterclasses this year, which we weren't able to fund last year.  Sponsors make sure we have the best guest artists from the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and Auckland Philharmonia to come teach and perform for you. More names to come, but so far our sponsors for Double Reed Day 2011 include K.Ge Reeds/Armstrong Ward, the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, Rosslyn-Keynote Music, Ltd. and Reviol Woodwind Instruments and Repair. Double Reed Day 2011 Participant ENTRY FORM HERE