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Composition Competition Guideline Samples

We hope your submissions for the NZDRS Chamber Music Composition Competition are going well!  Here are a couple of notes that might help you with your composition. 
You can find a guideline of the Grade Five level for oboe here, and a guideline of the Grade Five level for bassoon here
Please note the pitch parameters for each composition are:  [Oboe] B (below middle C) - Eb"[Bassoon] Low Bb - G (above middle C) And a few more parameters: Key signatures may be up to 3 sharps or 3 flatsAccidentals can be used but avoid too many different onesFor tonguing, the maximum speed is semiquavers at crotchet = 80, but this should be  repeated notes or easy patterns at this speedNB: Exam scale speeds at this level are crotchet = 84, playing quavers Make sure that that the instruments are not all playing all of the time. A bar rest here and there is essential.
Hope to see your submissions in soon!