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Christmas Party

A CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION We would like to invite   ALL  double reed players in the Auckland region to come  and play  CHRISTMAS MUSIC    in a  DOUBLE REED BAND . Afternoon tea  will be provided by NZDRS.   Family members are most welcome to join us. If you play the oboe or bassoon at  any level , we would love to see you. We will provide the music - and it will be EASY!  There will be other people playing the same part as you and no one will know whether you are playing the correct notes or playing in tune.  You will have lots of fun and meet other players  The various parts of our celebration only take ONE hour each  We are catering for people on both sides of the bridge!  Please fill in your details on this link  (just so that we don't run out of strawberries   and mince pies).  Click on this link Venues and times on the poster BRING A MUSIC STAND AND A CHAIR (IF YOU NEED ONE) TO THE MALL.  THESE ARE NOT NEEDED ON SUNDAY 11 DECEMBER