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Dozen a Day workshop/Chamber Music Club

Our next Chamber Music Club is on June 22
Please sign up by emailing by June 13.  
Peter Dykes

This month, we have a special class prior to Chamber Music Club.  Peter Dykes is doing a workshop called "Dozen a Day".  This is about the importance and routine of warming up.   Peter is an oboe player, but warm ups are equally important for bassoon players too!  

Music department, St Peter's College, Mountain Rd, Epsom


Dozen a Day workshop: 2pm - 3pm
Chamber Music Club: 3pm - 5.30pm


Dozen a Day workshop: NZDRS Members Free, Non members: School and uni students $5, Adults $15
Chamber Music Club: NZDRS members rates: adults $15, school and university students, $5. Non members are invited to come along to one session at member's rates.
Please note that payment must be made when signing up. This is non-refundable. 
Please pay into the NZDRS account: 01-1840-0028449-00. Include your name/ chamber music club/month.