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Chamber Music Club 2013

A few changes have been made to the way we run this popular club. It will now be on a regular day each month, be open to all members and be cheaper!.

We will meet on the fourth Saturday of each month, from 2.00-4.30pm. 

The first official meeting for the year with be Saturday 23 March
Cost: Adults  $15     Uni and school students $5      Non members  $30

Payment must now be made when you sign up: Final date is Thursday 14 March for the March club meeting.  
N.B there will be no refunds if you are unable to attend.

Music will be sent out in advance, the weekend before.

We would love to have more bassoonists join NZDRS
Jan Lorier has generously offered the following incentive: 
For any existing NZDRS member who brings along a bassoonist who has not been before, she will reward both with chocolate. This very first chamber music session will be at member rates for the new person. If the new bassoonist comes to the next chamber music club meeting, with the member who introduced them, AND joins the NZDRS at that second session, each gets one Event movie pass, which she will also sponsor!