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Oboe Masterclass with Camille White

This master class was given by Camille White, Principal Oboist of Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.  Camille was the source of many interesting insights, evocative analogies and practical suggestions including:
Use a mirror on your stand to check embouchure and finger position. 
If it feels safe... it may not be the most interesting performance
Practice articulation patterns on the reed alone (no hands) - the reed should not move. 
Roll lips in from a “whistle” shape, keeping chin down and not letting corners get too wide
To avoid being sharp at the end of a not be sharp at the start... 
Listen to John Mack’s recordings of Britten’s Metamorphoses to get an “non British” take on them.
Camille’s warm and positive manner enabled the participants to do their best in an unfamiliar situation, and everyone left with lots of ideas to use and work on. Thank you!

--Alison Jepson (excerpt from Reeding Matter, Vol. 14, No. 2)