Tuesday, 17 September 2013


It’s time to get your application forms in for this year’s fabulous NZDRS Day on Saturday 28 September. There is something for everyone – competitions, master classes, double reed band, a members’ recital and more. Come along for all or part of the day, have fun, make new friends and learn lots of useful tips to improve your playing.  
This year we have two light hearted competitions:
Our double reed day starts with the chance to test your powers of endurance. How many seconds can you hold an “A” for? Separate divisions for oboe and bassoon/under 16 years and 16 years and over. Prizes for the winners in each division. 
DUETS/TRIOS/QUARTETS COMPETITION: Open to school students of any level or age
First prize  $100* Second prize  $60   Third prize  $45         
 *Only a group with an NZDRS member is eligible for 1st prize
Also prizes for categories such as: Best Dressed, Most Enthusiastic Performance and more!

Any duet, trio, or quartet with at least one double reed instrument in it can enter e.g. two bassoons, oboe and piano, flute, oboe and clarinet. All competitors must be school students. The double reed player/s must have signed up for the whole day. Players of other instruments may come along for the competition only. Ask your teacher for help with what you might play.
Open to everyone of any level. A great way to get new ideas to help your playing. Everyone gets the opportunity to play a short piece, phrase or even a scale and get feedback from an experienced professional  musician.
If you have never heard the sound of lots of double reed instruments playing together before, be prepared! This is an experience you will not forget. Get to see, hear and play alongside the more unusual instruments in the double reed family, including contra bassoon and oboe d’amore. Music suitable for players of all levels.  Please download the music from the post below.
Have fun with other bassoonists playing music for this unusual combination. Ruth Brinkman will be leading this session. 
Come and be inspired by the best of our school and university students who will play for Bede Hanley, Principal Oboist of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.
Get your application form in NOW! The closing date for applications is Friday 20 September.
Thanks to our sponsors - ABRSM, ABI Music, Trinity College and KGE Reeds

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Double Reed Day - Double Reed Band Parts

This year the Double Reed Band is going to play Albion & Albanius.   Albion and Albanius is an opera, closely resembling a French trag├ędie en musique, by Louis Grabu.  The music was written in 1685.

Please select and download the part(s) you would like to play.  Please be aware that if the number of players on parts are unbalanced on the day, you may be asked to play a different part - If you download Oboe 1, it would be worth having a look at Oboe 2 as well.

Click on the part you would like to download.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Chamber Music Club

This month's chamber music club will be held on Saturday 21 September
  • Why not come along and practice your piece for the competition for school students at NZDRS Day (28 September) and get some input from our tutors? There are cash prizes of $60/$45 and $30 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes and extra prizes too!
  • We would love to have more bassoonists coming along. Jan Lorier has generously offered the following incentive: For any existing NZDRS member who brings along a bassoonist who has not been before, she will reward both with chocolate. This first chamber music session will be at member rates for the new person. If the new bassoonist comes to the next chamber music club meeting, with the member who introduced them, AND joins the NZDRS at that second session, each gets one Event movie pass, which she will also sponsor!
When: Saturday 21 September 
Please sign up by Friday 13 September. Email us plus make your payment. nzdoublereeds@gmail.com

Time: Adults  2.00 - 4.30pm    School Students  3.00 - 4.30pm

Where: Music Department, St Peter's College    

Cost: NZDRS members: adults $15, school /university students, $5 
Non members: adults $30, school/university students $15     
NZDRS account: 011840-0028449-00    Include your name/ chamber music club/month.  No refunds, sorry..

Non members are invited to come along to one session at member's rates.

  • Lots of fun
  • Professional coaching
  • Music sent out in advance - adults group only
  • Get input into your playing
  • Afternoon tea provided
  • Great for your sight reading 
  • Make new friends
  • Lots of interesting double reed music to play
Look forward to seeing you all.